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Evolve your marketing and convert more parents


Running to stay still

Independent schools typically have a rich history and ethos – a bedrock of strengths and qualities that are timeless in their appeal. They’re also dynamic – changing and evolving to better prepare students for the challenges and opportunities they will face in their adult lives. 

Marketing is also a discipline that requires constant adaptation and innovation. What works today to attract and convert prospective parents, will not work as well tomorrow. Marketers understand the law of diminishing returns all too well. Doing the same thing over and over again means you end up running to stay still. 

Partly this is due to repetition – parents get the same type of message from every school on their shortlist, attend the same kind of event, and leaf through a pile of all too similar prospectuses. No matter how competent or well-produced your message is, why should it stand out among the crowd?

Partly, it’s due to the fact that marketing in many other industries innovates at a frightening pace, delivering ever more tailored and impactful messages at exactly the right point in a customer’s decision-making process. Parents considering your school expect the marketing materials they receive to be personalized, available on demand, and responsive. If what they actually get is generic, inaccessible, and lacking in interaction, your marketing will have little impact on their final decision. 

Ultimately, parents may still pick your school, perhaps because word of mouth among their peer group is positive, but your marketing will have failed to make a mark. Over time, other schools with a more dynamic approach will overtake your position. Changing your approach, and refreshing your marketing tactics, is the only way to stay ahead – but this is time consuming and expensive, far more so than sticking with the same campaigns that worked in previous years. 

How can you make sure that you evolve and adapt without missing a beat? 

Learning from experience

The best marketing strategies put data at the heart of their plans. Campaigns are not built on static, predetermined lines, but seamlessly pull in pieces of compelling content in response to the actions potential customers take. Real-time personalisation based on detailed analytics means that your marketing evolves now, in response to emerging challenges and opportunities, rather than next year and only after you’ve run an exhausting level of manual analysis to find out what went wrong. 

This approach isn’t complex – it just requires a change in mindset that focuses on responding to prospective parents rather than talking at them. It also requires a technology platform that makes this flexible way of working easy and intuitive – from a customer’s first interaction with your school through to the moment of their child’s first day in class. 

Kampus24 brings your school to life for prospective parents, offering a personal first point of call for a family anywhere in the world. Kampus24 is fully trackable with a wealth of analytics personal to each family so your marketing and admissions teams can progress them down the admissions funnel quicker.

Kampus24 experiences can be personalised to how each individual visitor engages with your school content– removing the gap between analysis and action, and meaning you can learn more about what will help them make the right decision for their child.

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