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The changing dynamic of parent engagement


Personal over perfect

Parents know their children are under a lot of pressure. Growing up has always brought its challenges, but these are amplified in our 24/7, social media savvy world. The pressure to be perfect is one that many young people feel – to live up to some idealised view of who they should be and what they should achieve. 

Parents also know their children are unique – and they’re looking for a school that recognises that. They want a school that can bring out the best in their child. They want teachers that will take the time to listen, and understand their child’s individual strengths and challenges. Ultimately, a learning environment that adapts and responds to what their child needs so they can thrive emotionally and academically. 

As for parents, their buying behaviour has become a lot more personalised over the last 18 months as the messaging that resonates with them becomes ever more tailored to their unique needs. No parent has ever wanted to receive more generic information – there’s no room for a ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to their child’s education. A modern school aims to personalise the learning inside a classroom – but school websites and marketing collateral can often give the opposite impression. Your school’s general strengths are stressed, with little sense of how these adapt to individual students. There’s nothing to show parents that the school they are considering is capable of recognizing them as individuals, of listening to their concerns, and of offering their child an education that is tailored to fit. 

When choosing a school for a child is such an emotional decision, why is it then that most school’s marketing is not tailored to every individual family’s requirements?

Recognise every individual family

Best-in-class marketing for schools relies on being able to recognise where prospective parents are at in the admissions journey, as they progress along a path towards an application. Parents ultimately want to see their child happy so by taking a personalised approach from the very start, you can give them the right impression about how their child will be treated at your school – and this will set you apart from other schools. 

Take, for example, a typical school website. Every school has one and it usually hosts a plethora of information from fees and timetables, to specific subject information, co curricular activities and pastoral care. While this is valuable information, how is your school ensuring that each family is accessing what they need in a way that makes them feel like their individual queries are being answered? Ian Hunt, Chair and CEO of Haileybury Schools in Kazakhstan (Haileybury Almaty & Haileybury Astana), and Board member and Chair of the Education committee at Danes Hill School, Surrey comments: “People no longer have the patience to navigate clunky websites for the information specific to their needs….To truly meet potential parents’ expectations, we need to separate the practical from the emotional.” 

The key is personalisation. If you’re not personalising your messages to reflect the interests of individual families, they will start to think that your school simply isn’t interested in them – and that the same impersonal approach will be taken towards their child in the classroom.   

Here are some critical turning points where your school can enhance its marketing communications through personalisation: 

  • Follow up after a parent’s first interaction with school’s content 
  • Pre- and post- open day messaging
  • Follow up after a parent asks a specific question to do with their child’s needs

If your school sends the same generic engagement material to all parents at each of these key points in the admissions journey, a crucial chance to attract and progress the right prospective parents through the funnel is being missed. 

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