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King Edward VI School is a selective school for boys with a co-educational Sixth Form. Known to have been in existence since 1295, it has a reputation for high academic standards and an outstanding co-curricular programme, and in 2020 was named State School of the Decade by The Sunday Times. The poet and playwright William Shakespeare attended the School in the 1570s, leading to it being widely known as Shakespeare’s School.

 The school is highly regarded and oversubscribed. Yet, despite having a more than healthy admissions pipeline, there is a continuous drive to ensure the school receives a constant flow of the highest calibre applications. For the school there is no room for complacency and the attraction of Kampus24 was the opportunity to be ahead of the game in terms of student recruitment and showcase the best aspects of the school from the very start of the application process.


 A flavour of school life

 King Edward VI School has been using Kampus24 fully since October 2021 to support their admissions and offer a competitive edge against the local state and independent schools. Their Kampus24 experiences are hosted on the Admissions page of their website, segmented by different year entry groups in Years 7 and Sixth Form.

As the Headmaster, Bennet Carr, explains in his opening address video, the experiences aim to answer the two questions being asked by any prospective parent researching a variety of schools: ‘Is this a good school and why? And would your child be happy here?’

With friendly welcome videos from school leaders and interviews with current students, each prospective student is given the opportunity to get to know the school, its culture, and what to expect from studying there. The films aim to demonstrate, in content and presentation, why King Edward VI School is widely regarded as one of the finest grammar schools in the country, with the ultimate aim of inspiring students to apply for a place.

And they have already seen the impact of Kampus24 in action. During last year’s recruitment, their Sixth Form Experience achieved more than 1700 views, with in excess of 3000 Hotspots clicked, which converted into over 300 prospective student applications for the 90 places available in the Sixth Form.

Shane McCrink, Assistant Headmaster, believes the Kampus24 experience “goes beyond the school website”, offering a more immersive and insightful look at the school.


A positive experience impacts the whole school 

King Edward VI School is a school which strives to offer the best in every aspect of school life, including when it comes to recruiting new students by showing the same quality student and parental experience across all of their communications. Shane McCrink explains that “the school aims to build confidence and trust in our offering and so by using Kampus24, we can show the very best of the school. Parents see something as professional as Kampus24, it gives them an insight into what they can expect from the school once their child is studying there.” By offering the best experience from the outset, the school not only sees a positive impact on their recruitment figures but it also benefits the way in which their school is perceived long-term by the wider community.


An easy recruitment funnel for educators

Recruiting and retaining the best educators is a key consideration for any school. King Edward VI School has recently developed a recruitment template on Kampus24 to support the appointment of their new teaching staff. Like prospective families, job applicants have been very impressed with the professional look and feel of the platform, and it has helped the school be successful in attracting the highest quality candidates through the recruitment process. Shane McCrink says “We have seen first-hand how Kampus24 helps attract prospective staff, allowing us to monitor the process from our website or recruitment listing through the application experience. Kampus24 has enabled us to hire candidates of the highest calibre. Candidates themselves have valued the resources available on Kampus24 in advance of their interviews.” The versatility of Kampus24 is such that it can be used to secure the best teaching staff and monitor their engagement through the application process.


 The final word

“At King Edward VI School, we want to stay ahead of the game; schools really can’t afford to stand still. We want to recruit the best students and staff and be at the cutting edge of technology to set ourselves apart from other schools. Thanks to Kampus24 we can achieve this.”

 Shane McCrink, Assistant Headmaster, K.E.S.

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