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Making Millfield School personal to all prospective families

Millfield is one of the leading UK independent schools for boys and girls, aged 2-18 years. It is the largest co-educational boarding school in the UK with over 1,200 pupils, of whom over 900 are full boarders. Millfield believes in shaping the school around the child, where excellence in teaching and coaching comes together with the child at the centre. 

A busy admissions pipeline shouldn’t mean less personalisation

Millfield School has a busy admissions team recruiting over 400 students into the Senior school and about 150 students into the Prep school each year. But a huge operation like this doesn’t need to be any less personal. Liz Webb, Head Of Marketing, says, “We’re dealing with high numbers of enquiries everyday so we wanted to find a way that made the admissions process more personal.” And that’s what first attracted the school to Kampus24. Liz says, “the opportunities it provides to personalise the admissions journey” were what initially piqued her interest in learning more about the platform. 

Making the customer feel special

The benefits of personalising the admissions process are clear. Prospective parents feel an emotional tie with the school helping to progress them further down the funnel. With Kampus24, Millfield’s Admissions team sends out bespoke communications to each child as part of a follow up to a first enquiry. The team pulls information about the child’s interests and favourite subjects into one place to send customers something with a “personalised touch.” Liz says, “For customers, they feel listened to and it demonstrates that we care about their experience with us, their individual interests and motivations for choosing us as the school for them.” This tailored introduction to the school “makes the customer feel like they’re getting something just for them.” An important part of the customer experience with the aim to “hook people in earlier and progress them down the admissions funnel quicker.”

More tailored than the website

So how does it differ from the school website? For Millfield, the draw of Kampus24 is the immersive and personalised experience, which offers something “more tailored than the website or other marketing collateral.”

Liz and her team have created scenes on Kampus24 for specific interests and segmented them by age group, for example, Performing Arts at Sixth Form. The Admissions team is then able to select content to add into Kampus24 based on the prospective student’s interests and send out a bespoke communication to them. 

On a weekly basis, Liz confirms the team is “creating 10 experiences and feedback so far has been positive.”

The final word

“For the customer, it’s something new and special as it’s more tailored to them than the website or other marketing collateral.”

Liz Webb, Head Of Marketing, Millfield School

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