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Magdalen College School, Oxford, UK


Using Kampus24 to maximise the school’s event strategy

Magdalen College School is a leading independent day school for boys aged 7-18 and girls in the Sixth Form, set in the heart of Oxford city and with a history dating back to 1480. Magdalen College School ranks among the top independent secondary schools in The Sunday Times Schools Guide 2021, is placed sixth nationally and third in the Southeast of the UK.

 A hybrid school event strategy 

 Magdalen College School hosts between 15-20 events a year so when the Covid-19 pandemic hit and the peak event season was fast approaching, the marketing and admissions team needed to find a way to host successful online events. After exploring other solutions, Ellena White, Director of Marketing and Communications, and Angela Green, Registrar, saw Kampus24 presented at the 2021 AMCIS conference and knew it would be right for the school. Ellena says: “We really felt [Kampus24] could answer our problems and plug a gap in our school marketing helping us to host events in a more attractive, immersive way.”

The school now employs Kampus24 for all of their events either using it as a platform to host fully virtual events or taking a hybrid approach to enhance a physical event. In the latter case, parents will be sent videos to review in advance of attending a physical event. Ellena comments: “We have found this really works well for busy parents who can watch the videos we share at their leisure.” In this way, the school is not only delivering more immersive events but also reaching working parents whose schedules might mean they can’t attend in-person.  

 Delivering peace of mind

 This hybrid approach to hosting events has also allowed the school to deliver the best customer experience to families who might be nervous about visiting the school under Covid restrictions. Ellena comments: “Kampus24 also offers peace of mind to prospective families concerned about being able to socially distance at a physical school event.” While previously, many families would come together in our school hall to hear the head talk, for example, parents can now enjoy a virtual event before coming on a one to one, personalised school tour.

Getting the most out of the school’s content 

 With so many events to plan for, the school needed a solution that would allow them to reuse the content they created as well as be simple enough to embed into their processes. The easy-to-use interface including ‘drag and drop’ feature and the flexibility to replicate and edit experiences in moments allows for an intuitive user experience helping to save the school time. Ellena comments: “What’s great about Kampus24 is that you can quickly and easily duplicate experiences so there is never any need to start from scratch.”

The final word

 “Kampus24 has allowed us to pivot our event strategy quickly…I know our use of Kampus24 is only going to grow. You get more creative as you get more familiar with it.”

Ellena White, Director of Marketing and Communications, Magdalen College School


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