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Surval Montreux, Switzerland


Surval Montreux is a prestigious international boarding school for girls aged 12-19 years in Montreux, Switzerland. At Surval Montreux, they seek to empower ambitious, globally confident young women who are entrepreneurial and adventurous in spirit and have the inner confidence to follow their own path.

An admissions experience that aligns with the school’s ethos

Surval Montreux is proud to be small with a maximum of 60 students across the whole school. The school offers a bespoke, tailored experience so that every student’s needs are considered and flexible timetable options are available to them to meet their needs and interests. The school’s marketing and admissions teams therefore work very hard to show prospective families why the school is the right fit for their daughter. For the school’s Principal, Nicola Dudley, using Kampus24 to create a tailored admissions experience for each student allows the school to demonstrate personalisation. Nicola says, “The personalised admissions experience on Kampus24 aligns with the learning experience that students receive here at Surval Montreux and helps us to exemplify what we deliver in the classroom.” 

A powerful marketing tool to target customer segments

While the school website is still an important part of the school’s marketing toolkit, Surval Montreux sees Kampus24 as a way to direct prospective families straight to the content that is most relevant to them. Nicola Dudley comments, “The school website provides key information to draw their initial interest in the school. However, a lot of our parents have English as a second language so they need clear information about the programmes we offer without being overwhelmed. By creating Kampus24 experiences for our multiple programmes we can cut out the noise and help the family to focus on what they’re actually interested in and get them excited about the school.”

Moving away from print marketing collateral

Kampus24 has helped the school streamline their print material and they are no longer printing in the quantities they used to. Nicola says, “Kampus24 allows you to generate initial customer interest, capture leads, follow up and nurture them through the admissions process. It has been positive to see families engage with our content in the run up to the start of term through the analytics dashboard.” 

The school is continuously building up the materials and content they share on Kampus24 because unlike print, “the platform allows you to create dynamic experiences and update content quickly and easily.” What’s more, the platform allows Surval Montreux to share the type of dynamic content and scenic imagery that really sells the school. 

Using Kampus24 for further personalisation

The school is looking at further ways it can support a simple, streamlined and personalised user experience for parents by using Kampus24 as an individual parent portal. The plan is to use Kampus24 throughout the student’s journey at the school from the very start of their admissions process through to parent comms when their child is physically at the school. Nicola says, “This year, the focus has been on prospective families but we hope to take it to the next level and create individualised parent platforms to share student reports and portfolios.” 

Kampus24 as an agent tool

Like most international schools, agents play a key role in recruiting students across the world. Previously the school would share content on USB sticks with agents at recruitment fairs. Now, with a stronger focus on digital, Surval Montreux are developing agent experiences on Kampus24 with language-specific content as a more sustainable and cost effective solution to sharing market-specific information. 

The final word

“Kampus24 is very much embedded into our admissions approach and driven by the school’s Head of Admissions who has a clear understanding of what prospective parents are looking for. The Admissions team find it a very user-friendly platform and enjoy using it.” 

Nicola Dudley, Principal

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