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Verbier Copperfield International School, Switzerland


Treating every student as an individual

‘If you could build a school for the students, what would that school look like?’ – that’s the opening line on the Copperfield International School website and it really talks to the ethos of the school – an experience that is personalised from the very start to ensure the student flourishes. 

Copperfield is a school like no other. Set at the foot of the Swiss Alps in Verbier, the school is the world’s only ski-in, ski-out international school. Students have classes with a backdrop of the mountains all year round, with skiing included as part of the timetable over the winter months. Summer allows for many outdoor sports including golf, tennis and mountain biking and even the opportunity for classes to be taught in the forest. The school has a strong sense of community with small class sizes and individually tailored teaching, so that students reach their full academic potential. 

Creating a personalised experience to drive growth

Everything at Copperfield International School is tailored to delivering the most optimum learning experience for the children. Therefore, when the senior leadership team saw Kampus24 for the first time, they knew it was the perfect tool to support the admissions process and reach their ambitious objectives to continue the growth of the school. Hannah Leggett, Head of Admissions says, “We loved Kampus24 from the moment we saw it. At Copperfield, we try to make everything personalised to the student and treat them as an individual. Our school day and learning structure is flexible to accommodate students’ needs. We saw Kampus24 as an extension of the personalised learning experience that we offer here.” 

A customer experience that goes above and beyond 

Copperfield International School understands that the process of choosing a school for a child is a decision that can take months. Their goal as a school is therefore to support parents throughout the decision making process by going the extra mile to show that they care. Hannah Leggett says, “We follow up with our prospective families straight after a tour with a Kampus24 experience and regularly check in to see how they are. We want to be at the top of their inbox so they know they are important to us.”

Marketing for Copperfield doesn’t just stretch to information on the school but also, covers the life and culture of living in the Swiss Alps. Hannah Leggett says, “We want to make it easy for families to consider living here so our Kampus24 experiences shares information on visas, finding an apartment, right down to the small details such as the ski lift schedule for traveling to and from Verbier. We do the research for the family and package everything they could possibly need to know about considering Verbier and the school to share on Kampus24. This personalised touch has been well received and supports parents’ decision making process.”

Streamlining admissions efforts in a small team

As with many schools, the admissions team find they can often send the same information to different families multiple times a day. And in particular, with an international school, there is a lot of information to share such as fees, visas, timetables and travel information. The team have enjoyed the fact that Kampus24 allows them to be more efficient in their processes. Hannah Leggett says: “Once the master template on Kampus24 is built, it’s quick and easy to tweak to each family and send out. Kampus24 massively saves time for our admissions.”

The final word

“Kampus24 is such an easy to use platform and the level of personalisation is flexible to the needs of your school. From what I’ve seen so far, I cannot fault it. I would give it a 9/10 for value for money, training and set up support, ease of use and integration. I have not yet used the platform to its full potential but I’m sure once I do over the coming months I will be able to give it a 10/10”

Hannah Leggett, Head of Marketing, Verbier Copperfield International School

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