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Give every parent the VIP treatment


Meeting parents’ increasing expectations

“A school has one major income stream, so as school marketing and admissions professionals, no potential lead should ever be missed or ignored.”

As Ian Hunt, Chair and CEO of Haileybury Schools in Kazakhstan, and Board member and Chair of the Education committee at Danes Hill School, Surrey, reminds us, we should be doing everything in our power to ensure prospective parents get the best customer service in order to drive more families down the admissions pipeline. 

We know that parents’ expectations are increasing – and quite rightly so, when you consider that choosing a school for a child is an enormously important and highly emotionally-charged decision. Parents want to know why your school is the best fit for their family and how you will meet their individual child’s needs. They do their research, usually considering between six to seven schools, they read through marketing material, review the website and social channels, and listen to word-of-mouth recommendations. Yet, often their specific concerns can go unaddressed. 

Open days have traditionally been a great way for parents to visit the school and meet the teachers. But we also know that they can make or break a parent’s sense of whether a school really matches their expectations. That’s because open days can often be impersonal, leaving parents feeling that they’re just one more prospective customer, not a VIP. 

Parents now have access to so much information online about a school, any cursory or impersonal communication from a school’s marketing and admissions team no longer holds much weight. Schools’ admissions processes start to feel distant, dated, and are thus, ineffective. No parent wants to feel that their concerns are unimportant or that they’re just another customer in the queue. A high level of customer service is the key to a successful admissions journey. 

With all this in mind, how can you give parents a sense that they will be listened to and catered for as individuals from the start? 

The answer is to take an approach to marketing and admissions which puts the individual customer needs first. 

Make parents feel heard, not just spoken to

Structuring your school’s marketing to make parents feel heard, not just spoken to, can really pay dividends in engaging the right prospective parents with your school’s unique qualities. Consider setting up your content and collateral to focus on the key strengths of your school, and think about ways to use engagement data and interactivity to understand how parents feel about those strengths. 

For example, what kind of information interests different groups of parents the most? Is it data on exam results, information on pastoral care or sporting opportunities, or testimonials from current parents and students? What can you learn about their decision-making process from this information, and what early evidence can you gain about how to maximise their awareness of the benefits your school has to resolve their specific concerns?


  • Structure the content on your website to focus on your school’s key strengths.
  • Use engagement data from your website to segment prospective parents by their interests.
  • Follow up based on what parents are indicating are their key concerns.


  • Have any lack of continuity between the way online and in-person marketing present your school.
  • Present the same generic information to all parents, regardless of the information they have already provided you with about their individual needs and interests.
  • Forget to ‘show’ rather than ‘tell’ – use video, testimonies, and real evidence rather than description to showcase your strengths.

A personalised follow up

To be truly effective in progressing new families down the admissions pipeline, you need to be delivering a personalised, customer experience across your online and in-person interactions. Use your follow up communication to confirm and clarify your understanding of what has motivated each family to look at your school. Are you aware which key factors will inform their final decision in choosing your school over the competition? If your follow up messaging doesn’t speak to these points, you miss a vital opportunity to advise and influence the prospective parents in your pipeline.   

But most importantly, a personalised follow up will ensure your prospective parents feel like VIPs, offering a more competitive customer experience than other schools on that family’s shortlist. In today’s ‘on demand’ world, there’s no need to wait for the next open day to engage in detailed, personal interaction with parents. Listen to what parents are telling you, and respond to it in your follow up, and you will leave them with a sense that your school understands the importance of their child’s education. 


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