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Personal parent engagement and analytics


Analysis Paralysis


As a marketer, you know analytics are one of the greatest assets in the modern marketing toolkit. You also know, especially the longer you work in marketing, that analysis can sometimes take up more time than the actual marketing itself – and the need to market effectively in the run up to critical pinch points like open days and admissions deadlines won’t wait. 

With so many data points available, the truly crucial ones can get lost in the crowd, and important changes in trends can be missed. Tangled customer journeys become impossible to explain to colleagues. Drawing all of your customer insight together into an effective marketing campaign that is truly personalized for each of your prospective parents can seem an almost impossibly complex task. 


Analyse to Act


In a marketing context, analysis is only truly effective where it drives action.

There are hundreds if not thousands of things you might want to know about your prospective parents, but there are likely to be a much smaller number of things that truly influence their final choice. These are the factors that parents consciously weigh up and mull over when making what is arguably the most important decision they will take in their child’s academic career. 

Here are some of the key metrics your marketing must keep clearly in view, if your campaigns are going to be truly effective:

  • Who is viewing your content, and for how long? 
  • Which parts of your prospectus do they visit, and do they find the content relevant?
  • What are visitors not viewing?
  • Who makes it to your admissions page? Who doesn’t?
  • What do prospective parents think of your school after your open days?

Are all your analytics focused on these questions? Do your marketing campaigns make use of the answers to maximise their impact? 

With the right suite of marketing tools, you’ll be able to avoid analysis paralysis. You’ll be able to gauge in real time whether a prospective parent has understood the key benefits your school can offer their child, and which of those benefits is most relevant for their unique circumstances. You’ll seamlessly tailor your follow up to engage them in more depth on the topics that you know are central to their own decision-making process. Lastly, you’ll be empowered to report back to your school on changes over time in how parents view each of the themes you have identified – keeping your school awake and alert to future opportunities and concerns.


Personal isn’t the future, it’s the now


Kampus24 brings your school to life for prospective parents, offering a personal first point of call for a family anywhere in the world, a live open day, and a truly personal digital follow up after the event.  Kampus24 is set to replace your print prospectus, it is fully trackable with a wealth of analytics, editable, and personal to each family. Each family have a unique microsite URL to watch and navigate to again and again.

In turn, you’re able to personalise the content you show, tailoring how each individual visitor engages with your school each and every time they visit – removing the gap between analysis and action. Cross-platform integration means you can show them relevant messages based on their interactions across your website, email, and social media marketing, and dovetail with in-person events using QR codes. 

With Kampus24 seamlessly powering both analysis and action across all your marketing interactions, your prospective parents will feel like their individual concerns have been addressed, and that your school will do the same for their most important customer – your future student. 

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