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Measuring conversions to track ROI


The needle in a haystack

Digital channels provide a wealth of options for showcasing schools to parents – but it can be frustratingly difficult for marketers to prove their return on investment. 

No matter how successful any particular element of your marketing may be, there’s always the argument that the real deciding factor lies elsewhere. It’s the school’s reputation and positive word of mouth that drove this year’s record level of applications. Or the effort your agent network put in. Or the brilliant exam results doing the heavy lifting. 

Somehow, proving that the patient and carefully planned work of the marketing team is what’s paid off can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. No single metric or result you can point to will suffice to convince your colleagues and school management. It’s even more frustrating when proving the ROI of your work is vital in arguing for the scarce resources needed to develop your marketing team further, and keep ahead of the competition. 

How can you make the case that your marketing activity is having an impact on your ultimate goal of driving high quality applications for your school? How can you get the ROI you need to justify your share of limited school budgets?

Move the needle for your school

With Kampus24, schools are tracking not just the engagement of parents with the content they are sharing through the platform but also, the leads directly generated from the platform.

Kampus24 brings your school to life for prospective parents, offering a personal first point of call for a family anywhere in the world. Each family you engage with can be sent a personalised experience of the school, which means you can curate and display the most relevant content for them, available at any time, on any device.

With a fully trackable analytics dashboard, you can track how each family is engaging with your school content and how that is impacting on their decision to continue through the admissions process. Through Kampus24, you can monitor how each family:

  • Interacts with the information you carefully curate to serve up to them through the experience. For example, find out how long they watch a video for, how often they access your school experience and which content they are engaging with the most. 
  • Engages with your online prospectus, including which sections they do and don’t focus their attention on, and whether they share it with their wider family or with others.
  • Engages with your in-person Open Days, using QR codes to monitor session attendance 
  • Reacts to your online webinars, talks, and virtual Open Days through the Auditorium feature.  
  • Accesses your content. Where in the world are they accessing the experience you send them and on what device.

In addition, you can add a ‘Call to Action’ button to any pertinent hotspots such as ‘Apply Now’ or ‘Register’ to monitor how many parents you are generating as qualified leads through the platform. This is a key way to attribute the success of your marketing to the platform, something that is tricky through other channels.

Kampus24 provides you with a comprehensive suite of analytics to understand how your marketing content is landing with each and every family you reach meaning you no longer have to go hunting for a needle in a haystack when it comes to proving the impact of your work.

Instead, you can showcase the end-to-end journey your prospective parents are taking from enquiry through to application, and highlight the specific impact your marketing is having on each twist and turn in that journey, over and above the work that reputation and word-of-mouth can have on their own. 

By presenting the results of your work in this integrated and holistic way, you can easily show how marketing moves the needle for your school.

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