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The power of open day follow up


Everything was going so well…


Your most recent Open Day was a huge success. Whether an in-person or virtual event, it was incredibly well attended, with parents eager to learn everything they could about your school in a limited period of time. Every talk, showcase, and tour was packed out. The sense of engagement and ‘buzz’ was palpable. You’d put an enormous effort into getting this organized, and it had paid off. You were certain it would be straightforward to convert that level of interest into this year’s cohort of new students. 

A week later, your follow up campaign has generated only a tiny response. Your emails to the parents who had seemed so interested at the time are now meeting with a stony silence. Sending out lists of URLs and PDFs aren’t getting you any insights into whether people are reading them – or even opening them or clicking through. Somehow, the enthusiasm of the Open Day has failed to convert into sustained interest. Despite follow up message after follow up message, nothing seems to re-engage parents with the facts, figures, and stories that had highlighted your school’s strengths so well. 

What’s gone wrong? More importantly, how can you fix it?


Follow up is where the magic happens


Open Days are an incredibly personal experience for parents. They have a vitally important decision to make for their child’s future, and while they’re inundated with information about the generic strengths and ethos of your school, they get the same information from every other school on their shortlist of choices. The Open Day experience, whether in person or virtual, gives them the chance to understand something far more specific and personal: will this school be the right fit for my child?

After an Open Day, parents are left with a whirlwind of vivid impressions, a ‘gut feel’, and often many lingering questions that have not yet been fully answered. At that point in their decision-making process, sending parents generic, impersonal follow up messages is absolutely the wrong thing to do – making them forget the more personal, immediate experience of the Open Day that’s so vital to their choice – and especially as every other school they’ve looked at will be doing exactly the same thing. 

To capitalize on a great Open Day, you need to continue that personal conversation – and Kampus24 can help you do just that.

Kampus24 brings your school to life for prospective parents, offering a personal first point of call for a family anywhere in the world. Each family you engage with has a unique microsite URL, which means you can curate and display the most relevant content for them, based on their behaviour, and available any time, on any device. 

Using Kampus24, your follow up messages to parents after an Open Day can do things like:

  • Utilize QR codes to display a list of the sessions they attended at the Open Day, and links to recordings of those they didn’t have time for
  • Automatically flag up any of your most-viewed content that hasn’t yet been viewed by these parents specifically
  • Share positive user generated content about the highlights of the Open Day for particular families.

In addition, real-time analytics will let you tailor and refine your follow up messages as you work through and segment your Open Day attendees, delivering the most engaging information to parents based on their specific concerns and interests. Continuing the personal conversation with parents who are considering your school will give them the information they need to decide your school is the perfect fit for their child.

With Kampus24, your follow up messages can be as compelling and effective as the Open Days you work so hard to deliver. 

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