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What a school website won’t do


Is your website more an encyclopaedia than an invitation?

When parents come to your school’s website, are they bombarded with a mass of generic information? Or do they feel personally invited to explore your school’s unique strengths? Which approach would prospective parents prefer?

Here are some quick checks you can do on your school’s website to check how personalized and effective it is:

  1. Does your website display different content for different unique users?
  2. Can your website recognize offline interactions its visitors have had with your school?
  3. Is your best content concentrated on a small number of pages?
  4. Will your website use analytics to tailor the follow up messages it sends?
  5. Does your website resonate with individual parents, rather than being an expensive piece of ‘corporate’ marketing?

If the answer to all the questions above is “no”, it’s worth considering why that might be the case. We all know that tailored information that addresses our needs is highly effective – so why do so many school websites start with general information, and expect visitors to navigate their way to the specific answers they’re looking for? Why go for the ‘encyclopaedia’ approach?

Partly, it’s by design. School websites aim to be a comprehensive listing of everything and anything you might need to know, and traditionally they aren’t effectively linked to the other types of marketing collateral a school uses, like brochures and Open Days. A school may have 300 to 900 students whose ages, sports, and interests need to be catered to by the same site that’s aiming to attract and emotionally engage prospective parents. Partly, it’s also due to just how complex it can seem to make a website into something more tailored. The right analytics, website structure, and content all need to come together to create a bespoke experience, which can seem incredibly complex. How can you change a website on demand for each and every parent without an inordinate amount of effort and a full-time web developer? It’s just impossible.

What if it didn’t need to be?


The difference between Kampus24 and a school website

Kampus24 is a next-generation showcasing and personalised event platform for schools. It makes it easy to bring your school to life for prospective parents, offering a personal first point of call for a family anywhere in the world, a live open day, and a truly personal digital follow up after the event.  Kampus24 is set to replace your print prospectus, it is fully trackable with a wealth of analytics, editable, and personal to each family. Each family have a unique microsite URL to watch and navigate to again and again.

This enables you to be truly creative with your engagement campaigns, without the hard work. Kampus24 lets you:

  • Personalize the content you show individual visitors each time they visit, with a highly visual user interface, and a powerful Content Management System to manage your key video, audio, and written content
  • Show consistent messages across website, email, and social media marketing using cross-platform integration, and utilize QR codes to link with in-person events 
  • Follow up on Open Days with personalized content summarizing what parents saw and who they met, and make use of live chat and on-demand video in maintaining engagement.

All of the above feeds into an analytics dashboard that lets you see what’s working in real time, and enables you to refine your student recruitment strategy using data driven insight. 

Kampus24 makes it simple to move from having a static, generic website at the centre of your marketing, to putting a dynamic and truly personal experience at the heart of every message you send to prospective parents. 


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