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Haileybury Schools, Kazakhstan


Sharing the story of their schools through a digital, immersive experience

Haileybury Almaty and Haileybury Astana are British curriculum private schools in Kazakhstan, with an ethos built on the best traditions of a British education. As the first founding school to use Kampus24, they have worked closely alongside the Kampus24 development team to share their feedback and shape what the platform looks like today. 

School marketing in the face of a pandemic

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, Haileybury schools used a marketing mix including web, social, email and print collateral as implemented by many other schools. However, when the pandemic hit, they, like everyone else, had to pivot quickly and switch to online marketing and events. The team were unfamiliar with hosting online open morning presentations and found that their activities were yielding very little success.

That’s when they found Kampus24. 

Kampus24 has enabled the school to not only host great virtual events but also personalise their admissions funnel to engage more parents. Anastassiya Nevenchannaya, Director of Marketing and PR at Haileybury schools, said; “Kampus24 helps us share the story of our school through a digital, immersive experience.” And the stats speak for themselves – between August and September 2021, the schools achieved more than 2000 parent engagements through the Kampus24 platform.

A hybrid approach to meet the needs of the family

Haileybury schools adapt their use of Kampus24 depending on the customer type and where they are based ensuring the best possible customer experience for every prospective family. For local families, they take a hybrid approach where they offer a physical school tour, followed by a bespoke experience on Kampus24 tailored to the family’s needs and interests. For international customers who are unable to visit in person, Admissions sends several Kampus24 experiences over the course of their admissions journey, again personalised to the family in question. 

Personalised messages from the Headmaster, day in the life of videos and photos, even messages from the current pupils – everything is curated to the specific needs and interests of the family. Anastassiya says: “We have built several templates for different age groups and subject interests, and through the platform, we are telling the story of the school to prospective parents. The standard 360 degree school tours don’t offer enough to support parents in their decision making. Kampus24 goes one step ahead.” 

The ‘wow effect’

Differentiating through personalisation is key and the immersive platform has proved a real success with Haileybury’s prospective customer base. While the school website is functional and holds important information, Kampus24 allows Haileybury to serve up engaging video content to pique customers’ interest and push them down the funnel. Anastassiya comments: “For parents, Kampus24 has the ‘wow effect’. We have had great feedback from parents about it being very different from other schools – it most certainly offers us a competitive advantage.”

Not just a student recruitment tool

Like many school leaders only know all too well, recruiting and retaining the best educators is a top priority for the best schools. Haileybury is no different. They use Kampus24 with their HR team as a point of differentiation when recruiting new staff. The schools create content specific to the job post and include welcome videos from the Head and senior leadership team, as well as information on life outside of the classroom to help the applicant envisage themselves in the role. Anastassiya told us that at an online recruitment fair in Autumn 2020, the schools were able to fill all of their vacancies and that “it gave us a competitive edge over other recruiting schools.”

The final word

“These days every business is becoming more personalised and looking for ways to make every customer feel special. Having the opportunity to deliver something personalised to our prospective families using Kampus24 has helped us build a rapport with families and secure more admissions.” Anastassiya Nevenchannaya, Director of Marketing and PR, Haileybury Almaty, Haileybury Astana, Kazakhstan

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